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3 Day Itinerary

Published on 28/06/2019 by Flur

3 Day Itineraries

3 Day Itineraries

Thinking about exploring Taupo yourself? We’ve done all the hard work for you. Check out our handy 3 day itineraries that cater for every traveller.

Our Bronze itinerary is for the real backpacker; 3 full days of activities all for less that $50 on average!

Our Silver itinerary is a real sweet spot price wise; get the most out of Taupo without breaking the bank for just under $100 per day!

Go big or go home right? Well that’s what you’ll be doing with our Gold itinerary. No expenses spared! It’s actually just $180 + an adrenaline activity of your choice!

3 Day Itineraries

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